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How It Works


InstantNannies - Get the app

1. Get The App

Download the InstantNannies app 
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InstantNannies - Request A Nanny

2. Request A Nanny

Request one of our personally vetted, approved and trusted InstantNannies at the time slot of your choosing.

InstantNannies Nanny Dispatched

3. Nanny Dispatched

You will be notified when a 
nearby Nanny has accepted the appointment and is dispatched.


Core Features

Approved & Trusted Nannies

Every InstantNanny is selected, pre-screened and has to pass in-depth personal screening. InstantNannies are approved and trusted.

Easy Integrated Payment

Payment is easy and made via the app. We manage payment of Nannies after a successful appointment.


Rate and leave reviews of your InstantNanny.

InstantNannies App Core Features

GPS Tracking

Live tracking of your InstantNanny while they work, so you can have added peace of mind knowing they are exactly where they should be.

Select Your Child Care Requirements

Meet your child care needs in an instant, from 1-3 children.

When you want

Select the exact time window you require a nanny for.


Approved & Trusted

Approved And Trusted Nannies

Child and family safety is our upmost priority. Unlike other service provider apps, we are personally involved with the recruitment process. We select, interview, pre-screen and background check all Nannies available on the platform. Your peace of mind is having an approved and trusted nanny.


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